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Family of Max [Pizer] SMOTKIN and Sylvia

Husband: Max [Pizer] SMOTKIN (1911-1969)
Wife: Sylvia
Children: Lowell SMOTKIN

Husband: Max [Pizer] SMOTKIN

Name: Max [Pizer] SMOTKIN
Sex: Male
Father: Louis SMOTKIN (1877-1928)
Mother: Maiasha "Mary" PASMAN ( - )
Birth Mar 9, 1911
Death Jul, 1969 (age 58)

Wife: Sylvia

Name: Sylvia
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -

Child 1: Lowell SMOTKIN

Name: Lowell SMOTKIN
Sex: Male
Spouse: Judith Barbara SALINS

Child 2: Marla SMOTKIN

Name: Marla SMOTKIN
Sex: Female
Spouse: Nathan BERG ( - )

Child 3: Linda SMOTKIN

Name: Linda SMOTKIN
Sex: Female
Spouse: Warren JACOBSON ( - )