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Family of Duane Casey GUEST and Gloria Mae REDMOND

Husband: Duane Casey GUEST
Wife: Gloria Mae REDMOND (1938-2017)
Children: David Duane GUEST (1958-1960)
Philip Wayne GUEST
Timothy Lloyd GUEST
Michael Alvin GUEST
Stephen Allen GUEST
Ruth Loraine GUEST

Husband: Duane Casey GUEST

Name: Duane Casey GUEST
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -

Wife: Gloria Mae REDMOND


Gloria Mae REDMOND

Name: Gloria Mae REDMOND
Sex: Female
Father: Alvin REDMOND ( - )
Mother: Lorraine BARNES ( - )
Birth Aug 17, 1938 Curtisville, MI
Death Sep 6, 2017 (age 79) Davison, Genesee County, MI
Burial Sep 12, 2017 Hale, MI
resides Flint, MI

Child 1: David Duane GUEST

Name: David Duane GUEST
Sex: Male
Birth 1958 Grand Rapids, Kent, MI
Death 1960 (age 1-2) Grand Rapids, Kent, MI

Child 2: Philip Wayne GUEST

Name: Philip Wayne GUEST
Sex: Male
Spouse: Brenda Caroline HARTSOG

Child 3: Timothy Lloyd GUEST

Name: Timothy Lloyd GUEST
Sex: Male
Spouse: Evelyn Renee STARR

Child 4: Michael Alvin GUEST

Name: Michael Alvin GUEST
Sex: Male
Spouse: Sandra Jane OIE

Child 5: Stephen Allen GUEST

Name: Stephen Allen GUEST
Sex: Male
Spouse: Kimberly CRUTHERS

Child 6: Ruth Loraine GUEST

Name: Ruth Loraine GUEST
Sex: Female
Spouse: Mark Ward ARONOFF