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Family of Max Bender SHERMAN and Emily Jean TARLOFF

Husband: Max Bender SHERMAN (1902-1995)
Wife: Emily Jean TARLOFF (1902-2005)
Children: Robert Howard SHERMAN
Harvey Ray SHERMAN
Marcia Jean SHERMAN
Marriage Jul 11, 1927 Chicago, Cook Co, IL

Husband: Max Bender SHERMAN

Name: Max Bender SHERMAN
Sex: Male
Father: SHERMAN ( - )
Mother: wife ( - )
Birth Feb 22, 1902 Pinsk, Belarus
Death Mar 8, 1995 (age 93) Chicago, Cook Co, IL
Burial Skokie, IL

Wife: Emily Jean TARLOFF

Name: Emily Jean TARLOFF
Sex: Female
Father: Nathan TARLOFFSKY (1872-1944)
Mother: Mollie (Goldstein) SHAW (1872-1939)
Birth 1902
Death Jul 16, 2005 (age 102-103) Chicago, IL
Burial Jul 24, 2005 Skokie, IL

Child 1: Robert Howard SHERMAN

Name: Robert Howard SHERMAN
Sex: Male
Spouse 1: Ruth JOFFE
Spouse 2: Julienne Kay WILEY

Child 2: Harvey Ray SHERMAN

Name: Harvey Ray SHERMAN
Sex: Male
Spouse: Deborah Claiborne MEBEL

Child 3: Marcia Jean SHERMAN

Name: Marcia Jean SHERMAN
Sex: Female
Spouse: Oscar Morton FOX