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Family of Hanley MARKS and Beatrice GLASS

Husband: Hanley MARKS (1922-1980)
Wife: Beatrice GLASS
Children: Steven Allen MARKS
Claudia Jo MARKS
Lindsey Frances MARKS
Robin Michael MARKS

Husband: Hanley MARKS

Name: Hanley MARKS
Sex: Male
Father: Rudolph MARKS (1890-1976)
Mother: Alice MILLER ( - )
Birth Mar 1, 1922 Detroit, Wayne County, MI
Death May, 1980 (age 58) Albuquerque, NM

Wife: Beatrice GLASS

Name: Beatrice GLASS
Sex: Female
Father: Sam GLASS ( - )
Mother: Betty ALPERT ( - )

Child 1: Steven Allen MARKS

Name: Steven Allen MARKS
Sex: Male
Spouse: Barbara Joan WYSE

Child 2: Jamie MARKS

Name: Jamie MARKS
Sex: Female
Spouse: James LOYD

Child 3: Claudia Jo MARKS

Name: Claudia Jo MARKS
Sex: Female
Spouse: Steven JOHNSON

Child 4: Lindsey Frances MARKS

Name: Lindsey Frances MARKS
Sex: Male

Child 5: Robin Michael MARKS

Name: Robin Michael MARKS
Sex: Male
Spouse: Rosie TURNER