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Family of Sol DAVID and Pearl ZWERLING

Husband: Sol DAVID
Wife: Pearl ZWERLING
Children: Ann Marcia "Marcia" DAVID
Debra Lee DAVID
Barry Alan DAVID
Louis "Bernie" Bernard DAVID

Husband: Sol DAVID

Name: Sol DAVID
Sex: Male
Father: Morris (Avrom Moshe) DAVID (1894-1933)
Mother: Jennie (Shayna) Frieda JACOBSON (1900-1985)

Wife: Pearl ZWERLING

Name: Pearl ZWERLING
Sex: Female
Father: Isaac ZWERLING ( - )
Mother: Clara ZION ( - )

Child 1: Ann Marcia "Marcia" DAVID

Name: Ann Marcia "Marcia" DAVID
Sex: Female
Spouse: Michael Steven MANETT

Child 2: Debra Lee DAVID

Name: Debra Lee DAVID
Sex: Female
Spouse: Brian Steven MANDELL

Child 3: Barry Alan DAVID

Name: Barry Alan DAVID
Sex: Male
Spouse: Christiane DZIECZYK

Child 4: Louis "Bernie" Bernard DAVID

Name: Louis "Bernie" Bernard DAVID
Sex: Male
Spouse: Laura Mary MCPHEETERS