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Family of Lee LEVETT and Diana Lynn MUSSO

Husband: Lee LEVETT (1955-2016)
Wife: Diana Lynn MUSSO
Children: Jessica Lee LEVETT

Husband: Lee LEVETT

Name: Lee LEVETT
Sex: Male
Father: Leonard LEVETT (1916-1987)
Mother: Hermina Margaret SCHLESINGER (1920-1984)
Birth Sep 6, 1955 Denver, CO
Death Dec 21, 2016 (age 61) Arvada, CO

Wife: Diana Lynn MUSSO

Name: Diana Lynn MUSSO
Sex: Female
Father: Edward Robert MUSSO (1934- )
Mother: Josephine IANNACITO

Child 1: Jessica Lee LEVETT

Name: Jessica Lee LEVETT
Sex: Female
Spouse: Cole KIMPLE