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Family of Timothy BUSH and Lydia NEWCOMB

Husband: Timothy BUSH (1761-1850)
Wife: Lydia NEWCOMB (1763-1835)
Children: Obadiah Newcomb BUSH (1797-c. 1851)
Marriage Jul 26, 1791 Penfield, NY

Husband: Timothy BUSH

Name: Timothy BUSH
Sex: Male
Father: Timothy BUSH (c. 1735-c. 1815)
Mother: Deborah HOUSE (1742-c. 1819)
Birth Apr 1, 1761 prob Lebanon, CT
Death May, 1850 (age 89) Rochester, NY

Wife: Lydia NEWCOMB

Name: Lydia NEWCOMB
Sex: Female
Father: Daniel NEWCOMB (1729-aft1789)
Mother: Elizabeth MAY (1730-aft1789)
Birth Apr 28, 1763
Death Sep 14, 1835 (age 72) Penfield, NY

Child 1: Obadiah Newcomb BUSH

Name: Obadiah Newcomb BUSH
Sex: Male
Spouse: Harriet SMITH (1800-1867)
Birth Jan 28, 1797
Death c. 1851 (age 53-54)