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Family of Meyer WITTENBERG (Weiner) and Ethel NATELSON

Husband: Meyer WITTENBERG (Weiner) (1887-1956)
Wife: Ethel NATELSON (1889-1954)
Children: Ezra Jacob WEINER (1915-1916)
Joshua Henry Natelson WEINER (1916-2005)
Irwin WEINER (1919-2004)
Marriage Apr 5, 1914 New York, Manhattan, NY

Husband: Meyer WITTENBERG (Weiner)

Name: Meyer WITTENBERG (Weiner)
Sex: Male
Father: Isaac WITTENBERG ( - )
Mother: Ida WEINER ( - )
Birth 1887 Russia
Immigration Feb, 1898 (age 10-11)
Death Oct 26, 1956 (age 68-69) New York, Manhattan, NY

Wife: Ethel NATELSON

Name: Ethel NATELSON
Sex: Female
Father: Samson NATELSON (1867- )
Mother: Miriam "Mary" WASSERZUG (1863-1931)
Birth Aug 10, 1889 Brooklyn, Kings, NY
Death Mar 3, 1954 (age 64) Brooklyn, Kings, NY

Child 1: Ezra Jacob WEINER

Name: Ezra Jacob WEINER
Sex: Male
Birth Mar, 1915 New York, Manhattan, NY
Death Jul, 1916 (age 1) New York, Manhattan, NY

Child 2: Joshua Henry Natelson WEINER

Name: Joshua Henry Natelson WEINER
Sex: Male
Spouse 1: Sarah Mildred BATEMAN (1918-1956)
Spouse 2: Donna Lou HAMBY
Birth Oct 9, 1916 New York, NY
Death Mar 10, 2005 (age 88) Mt. Ida, AR

Child 3: Irwin WEINER

Name: Irwin WEINER
Sex: Male
Spouse: Roslyn "Ronnie" Arlene KOPPELSON ( - )
Birth Aug, 1919 New York, Manhattan, NY
Death Oct, 2004 (age 85)

Note on Husband: Meyer WITTENBERG (Weiner)

Meyer was a school teacher of mathematics for which he seemed to have

quite a passion. He taught his granddaughters to do fractions as soon

as he taught them whole numbers, before they ever went to school.

Meyer was head of the mathematics department in a city high school,

and enjoyed a valuable reputation not only as a teacher of pupils, but

also as a teacher of teachers.

Note on Wife: Ethel NATELSON

Grandma was a schoolteacher and also an administrator. She used to

teach Physical education, including dance.