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Family of Burt LITWIN and Rose HOFFMAN

Husband: Burt LITWIN
Wife: Rose HOFFMAN (1929-2006)
Children: Iris LITWIN

Husband: Burt LITWIN

Name: Burt LITWIN
Sex: Male
Father: Abe LITWIN ( - )
Mother: Esther ( - )

Wife: Rose HOFFMAN

Name: Rose HOFFMAN
Sex: Female
Father: Isadore HOFFMAN ( - )
Mother: Ethel ( - )
Birth Jun 20, 1929 Chicago, Cook Co, IL
Death Jul 31, 2006 (age 77)

Child 1: Iris LITWIN

Name: Iris LITWIN
Sex: Female
Spouse 1: Steve BRESLAW
Spouse 2: Bill BALL

Child 2: Barry LITWIN

Name: Barry LITWIN
Sex: Male
Spouse: Carol GOLDMAN

Child 3: Eilene LITWIN

Name: Eilene LITWIN
Sex: Female
Spouse: Thomas MICHELSON