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Family of Sammie Sidney SPECTOR and Ruby Merl WRIGHT

Husband: Sammie Sidney SPECTOR (1911-1992)
Wife: Ruby Merl WRIGHT (1915-1990)
Children: William Joseph SPECTOR
James Richard SPECTOR
David SPECTOR ( -1951)
Sandra Suzanne SPECTOR
Mollie Marie SPECTOR

Husband: Sammie Sidney SPECTOR

Name: Sammie Sidney SPECTOR
Sex: Male
Father: Joseph H. SPECTOR ( - )
Mother: Sarah ROSEN (1889-1975)
Birth May 10, 1911
Death Aug 23, 1992 (age 81) Houston, Harris, TX

Wife: Ruby Merl WRIGHT

Name: Ruby Merl WRIGHT
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth Jul 9, 1915
Death Aug 4, 1990 (age 75) Texas

Child 1: William Joseph SPECTOR

Name: William Joseph SPECTOR
Sex: Male
Spouse: Patsy

Child 2: James Richard SPECTOR

Name: James Richard SPECTOR
Sex: Male
Spouse: Rose

Child 3: David SPECTOR

Name: David SPECTOR
Sex: Male
Death 1951

Child 4: Sandra Suzanne SPECTOR

Name: Sandra Suzanne SPECTOR
Sex: Female
Spouse: LANIER

Child 5: Mollie Marie SPECTOR

Name: Mollie Marie SPECTOR
Sex: Female