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Family of Lewis Norton MIRVISS and Phyllis MARGOLIS

Husband: Lewis Norton MIRVISS (1934-2001)
Wife: Phyllis MARGOLIS
Children: John Michael MIRVISS
Paul Jason MIRVISS
Jill Susan MIRVISS

Husband: Lewis Norton MIRVISS

Name: Lewis Norton MIRVISS
Sex: Male
Father: Joseph MIRVISS (1890-1945)
Mother: Florence WEISBERG (1895-1984)
Birth Apr 26, 1934
Death Nov 14, 2001 (age 67)

Wife: Phyllis MARGOLIS

Name: Phyllis MARGOLIS
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -

Child 1: John Michael MIRVISS

Name: John Michael MIRVISS
Sex: Male
Spouse: Carolyn Beth WEISBERG

Child 2: Peter MIRVISS

Name: Peter MIRVISS
Sex: Male

Child 3: Paul Jason MIRVISS

Name: Paul Jason MIRVISS
Sex: Male
Spouse: Sandra Ellyn KLEIN

Child 4: Jill Susan MIRVISS

Name: Jill Susan MIRVISS
Sex: Female
Spouse: Richard MORTON