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Family of Walter Scott COBLE and Theresa "Tessie" PARNASS

Husband: Walter Scott COBLE (1896-1977)
Wife: Theresa "Tessie" PARNASS (1897-1989)
Children: Ruth Pauline COBLE
Marriage Jul 4, 1921 Brooklyn, Kings, NY

Husband: Walter Scott COBLE

Name: Walter Scott COBLE
Sex: Male
Father: Robert COBLE (1864-1924)
Mother: Pauline BLOCH (1868-1920)
Birth Nov 29, 1896 New York, NY
Death Jan, 1977 (age 80) Brooklyn, Kings, NY

Wife: Theresa "Tessie" PARNASS

Name: Theresa "Tessie" PARNASS
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth Feb 12, 1897 Dombrowno, Russia
Death Nov 5, 1989 (age 92) Brooklyn, Kings, NY

Child 1: Ruth Pauline COBLE

Name: Ruth Pauline COBLE
Sex: Female
Spouse: Gerald FOGEL

Child 2: Helen COBLE

Name: Helen COBLE
Sex: Female
Spouse: Arnold NUSSBAUM