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Family of Nathan JACOBS and Esther Mollie JACOBSON

Husband: Nathan JACOBS (1865-1949)
Wife: Esther Mollie JACOBSON (c. 1870-1919)
Children: Elihu Arthur Samuel JACOBS (1896-c. 1956)
Lillian Ruth JACOBS (1902-1972)
Irving I. JACOBS (1906-1967)
Marriage Dec 21, 1890 New York, NY

Husband: Nathan JACOBS

Name: Nathan JACOBS
Sex: Male
Father: Isaac Karesh JACOBS (1838-1914)
Mother: Jeanette SLAGER (c. 1839-1921)
Birth Aug 9, 1865 Nashville, TN
Death Mar 14, 1949 (age 83) Margate, NJ
Burial Mar 15, 1949 Brooklyn, Kings, NY

Wife: Esther Mollie JACOBSON

Name: Esther Mollie JACOBSON
Sex: Female
Father: Isaac Miara JACOBSON (c. 1836-1900)
Mother: Leah PRYSCHIARRI (c. 1840-1892)
Birth c. 1870 Zakroczym, Poland
Death Dec 2, 1919 (age 48-49) New York, NY
Burial Brooklyn, Kings, NY

Child 1: Elihu Arthur Samuel JACOBS

Name: Elihu Arthur Samuel JACOBS
Sex: Male
Spouse: Christine ( -1984)
Birth Sep 5, 1896 New York, NY
Death c. Oct, 1956 (age 60) Atlantic City, NJ
Burial Atlantic City, NJ

Child 2: Lillian Ruth JACOBS

Name: Lillian Ruth JACOBS
Sex: Female
Spouse: Bernard Samuel ILLOWAY (1899-1975)
Birth Feb 8, 1902 New York, NY
Death Apr 30, 1972 (age 70) Brooklyn, Kings, NY
Burial May 1, 1972 Cypress Hills, NY

Child 3: Irving I. JACOBS

Name: Irving I. JACOBS
Sex: Male
Spouse: Rose ABEL (1908-1972)
Birth Jan 13, 1906 Lakewood, NJ
Death Feb 3, 1967 (age 61) Atlantic City, NJ
Burial Atlantic City, NJ