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Family of Seymour SOME and Betty JACOBS

Husband: Seymour SOME
Wife: Betty JACOBS (1925-c. 1992)
Children: Patricia SOME
Marjorie SOME
Nancy SOME

Husband: Seymour SOME

Name: Seymour SOME
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -

Wife: Betty JACOBS

Name: Betty JACOBS
Sex: Female
Father: Louis JACOBS (1878-1948)
Mother: Esther "Ethel" PEARLSTINE (1886-1976)
Birth Feb 7, 1925 Charleston, SC
Death c. 1992 (age 66-67) West Orange, NJ

Child 1: Patricia SOME

Name: Patricia SOME
Sex: Female

Child 2: Marjorie SOME

Name: Marjorie SOME
Sex: Female

Child 3: Joan SOME

Name: Joan SOME
Sex: Female

Child 4: Nancy SOME

Name: Nancy SOME
Sex: Male