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Family of Howard "Bud" Palmer YESSNE and Evelyn Blanche MIRVISS

Husband: Howard "Bud" Palmer YESSNE (1913-1990)
Wife: Evelyn Blanche MIRVISS (1917-1969)
Children: Peter YESSNE
Marriage Mar 12, 1937 Minneapolis, MN

Husband: Howard "Bud" Palmer YESSNE

Name: Howard "Bud" Palmer YESSNE
Sex: Male
Father: Herman YESSNE ( - )
Mother: Susan SHAPIRO ( - )
Birth Aug 18, 1913 Duluth, MN
Death Jan 16, 1990 (age 76) Greensboro, VT

Wife: Evelyn Blanche MIRVISS

Name: Evelyn Blanche MIRVISS
Sex: Female
Father: Jacob (Yakov) MIRVISS (1898-2002)
Mother: Jean ROSENBLOOM (c. 1899- )
Birth Jun 23, 1917 New York, NY
Death May 15, 1969 (age 51) St. Paul, MN

Child 1: Peter YESSNE

Name: Peter YESSNE
Sex: Male
Spouse 1: Gail Carol BATES
Spouse 2: Susan GROSSE

Child 2: Dinah YESSNE

Name: Dinah YESSNE
Sex: Female
Spouse: James "Jim" Hervey KEENEY

Note on Husband: Howard "Bud" Palmer YESSNE

Born in Duluth MN. Son of Susan Shapiro and Herman Yessne, of

Baisogala, Lithuania. Completed Production Engineering at Univ. of

Minnesota. Left before graduating during Depression to help his

father in garment business. Garment manufacturer. Died in

Greensboro, VT.

Note on Wife: Evelyn Blanche MIRVISS

BS cum laude (age 19), Univ. of Minnesota. Social Worker.