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Family of Richard Aldrich MCCURDY and Sarah Ellen LITTLE

Husband: Richard Aldrich MCCURDY (1835-1916)
Wife: Sarah Ellen LITTLE (1838- )
Children: Gertrude Lee MCCURDY (1857-1930)
Robert Henry MCCURDY ( - )
Richard H. MCCURDY (1859- )
Marriage Oct 22, 1856

Husband: Richard Aldrich MCCURDY

Name: Richard Aldrich MCCURDY
Sex: Male
Father: Robert Henry MCCURDY (1800-1880)
Mother: Gertrude Mercer LEE (1810-1876)
Birth Jan 29, 1835 New York, NY
Death 1916 (age 80-81)

Wife: Sarah Ellen LITTLE

Name: Sarah Ellen LITTLE
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 1838 Massachussets

Child 1: Gertrude Lee MCCURDY

Name: Gertrude Lee MCCURDY
Sex: Female
Spouse: Louis Andre THEBAUD (1859-1939)
Birth Jun 27, 1857 New York, NY
Death Nov 24, 1930 (age 73) Morristown, NJ

Child 2: Robert Henry MCCURDY

Name: Robert Henry MCCURDY
Sex: Male

Child 3: Richard H. MCCURDY

Name: Richard H. MCCURDY
Sex: Male
Birth 1859 New York, NY