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Family of James LEE and Gertrude MERCER

Husband: James LEE (1781-1830)
Wife: Gertrude MERCER ( - )
Children: Gertrude Mercer LEE (1810-1876)

Husband: James LEE

Name: James LEE
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 1781
Death 1830 (age 48-49)

Wife: Gertrude MERCER

Name: Gertrude MERCER
Sex: Female
Father: Archibald MERCER (1747-1814)
Mother: Mary SCHENK (1748-1808)

Child 1: Gertrude Mercer LEE

Name: Gertrude Mercer LEE
Sex: Female
Spouse: Robert Henry MCCURDY (1800-1880)
Birth 1810 Newark, NJ
Death Dec 11, 1876 (age 65-66) New York, Manhattan, NY