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Family of Edward Russell HANISH and Anne Louise HARTMAN

Husband: Edward Russell HANISH
Wife: Anne Louise HARTMAN (1948-2016)
Children: Edward Paul HANISH
Peter Duane "Pete" HANISH
Nathan Michael HANISH

Husband: Edward Russell HANISH

Name: Edward Russell HANISH
Sex: Male
Father: Edward Louis HANISH ( - )
Mother: Velma Lavern RUSSEL ( - )

Wife: Anne Louise HARTMAN

Name: Anne Louise HARTMAN
Sex: Female
Father: Paul Emanuel HARTMAN (1905-1992)
Mother: Gertrude Marie LOY (1911-1987)
Birth May 11, 1948 Hammond, IN
Death Dec 8, 2016 (age 68)

Child 1: Edward Paul HANISH

Name: Edward Paul HANISH
Sex: Male
Spouse 1: Deborah Ann MARK
Spouse 2: Teresa TARBOT

Child 2: Peter Duane "Pete" HANISH

Name: Peter Duane "Pete" HANISH
Sex: Male
Spouse: Courtney Kathleen BOND

Child 3: Nathan Michael HANISH

Name: Nathan Michael HANISH
Sex: Male