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Family of Harold (Marks) MARX and Sylvia VOGEL

Husband: Harold (Marks) MARX (1904-1997)
Wife: Sylvia VOGEL (1905-1995)
Children: Harold C. "Hap" MARKS (1931-1999)
Dorothy Jean MARKS
Marriage Jun 15, 1927 Toledo, Lucas County, OH

Husband: Harold (Marks) MARX

Name: Harold (Marks) MARX
Sex: Male
Father: Charles (Marks) MARX (1858-1923)
Mother: Minnie Susskind MICHELSON (1867-1941)
Birth May 12, 1904 Toledo, Lucas County, OH
census 1920 Jan 6, 1920 (age 15) Miami City, Dade County, FL
Death Jul 1, 1997 (age 93) Miami, FL

Wife: Sylvia VOGEL

Name: Sylvia VOGEL
Sex: Female
Father: Jos VOGEL ( - )
Mother: Jennie DAMRAUR ( - )
Birth Mar 26, 1905 Toledo, Lucas County, OH
Death 1995 (age 89-90) Florida

Child 1: Harold C. "Hap" MARKS

Name: Harold C. "Hap" MARKS
Sex: Male
Spouse: Sherrill RIGOT
Birth Apr 4, 1931 Toledo, Lucas County, OH
Title Jr.
Death Feb 11, 1999 (age 67) Miami, FL

Child 2: Dorothy Jean MARKS

Name: Dorothy Jean MARKS
Sex: Female
Spouse: Harry WOLF