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Family of Samuel Harold RADEN and Bernice Lillian STEINBERG

Husband: Samuel Harold RADEN (1911-2014)
Wife: Bernice Lillian STEINBERG (1917-2018)
Children: Beth Louise RADEN
Marcia Felice RADEN
Bernard "Buddy" William RADEN
Marriage Mar 26, 1939 Chicago, Cook Co, IL

Husband: Samuel Harold RADEN


Samuel Harold RADEN

Name: Samuel Harold RADEN
Sex: Male
Father: Herschel "Harry" RADINSKY (1876-1965)
Mother: Sarah FERDMAN (1876-1971)
Birth Oct 20, 1911 St. Louis, St. Louis County, MO
resided 1947 (age 35-36) Fort Worth, TX
Death Jun 20, 2014 (age 102) Dallas, TX
Burial Jun 23, 2014 Dallas, TX
Samuel (Sam) Harold Raden, 102, passed away June 20, 2014. He was born to Harry and Sara Radinsky October 20, 1911 in St Louis. His parents created a close, loving family, which was a model for the family that he and Bernice (Steinberg) Raden began with their marriage 75 years ago in Chicago before moving to Texas in 1947. Family was a primary joy in his life. He was able to celebrate his 100th birthday with all 28 of his descendants as well as many more of his extended family.

Wife: Bernice Lillian STEINBERG


Bernice Lillian STEINBERG

Name: Bernice Lillian STEINBERG
Sex: Female
Father: Bernard "Barney" Abraham STEINBERG (1866-1924)
Mother: Rebecca "Rella" ASHER (1882-1976)
Birth Nov 3, 1917 Denver, CO
resides 1947 (age 29-30) Fort Worth, TX
Death Sep 18, 2018 (age 100) Dallas, TX
Bernice (Steinberg) Raden passed away September 18th, 2018 just shy of her 101st birthday. Bernice was born in Denver, Colorado on November 3rd, 1917 to Bernard and Rella Steinberg. She married Sam Raden 1939 in Chicago and they moved to Texas in 1947, where they enjoyed 75 years of marriage before Sam passed away in 2014 at age 102. Bernice loved classical music of all types, was an accomplished pianist, and she and her mother were among the founding members of the Temple Emanu-El choir. She was always up for a lively discussion of politics and had a reputation for being strong willed and feisty in expressing her viewpoint! At age 60 she enrolled at UT Dallas to study music theory, and graduated with honors. She was proud to have voted in the 2016 presidential election at age 99. But most of all she loved and was always devoted to her family.
Burial Sep 23, 2018 Dallas, TX

Child 1: Beth Louise RADEN

Name: Beth Louise RADEN
Sex: Female
Spouse: Charles Sidney BRUMMER

Child 2: Marcia Felice RADEN

Name: Marcia Felice RADEN
Sex: Female
Spouse: Robert William WAGSCHAL

Child 3: Bernard "Buddy" William RADEN

Name: Bernard "Buddy" William RADEN
Sex: Male
Spouse: Irene ROTH