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Family of Eliahu KLAPHOLZ and Sara WEISSENBERG

Husband: Eliahu KLAPHOLZ ( -1942)
Wife: Sara WEISSENBERG (1903-1942)
Children: Abram KLAPHOLZ ( -1942)
Bertha KLAPHOLZ ( -1942)
Henny KLAPHOLZ (1926-1942)

Husband: Eliahu KLAPHOLZ

Name: Eliahu KLAPHOLZ
Sex: Male
Father: Herschel WEISSENBERG ( -1942)
Mother: Henna KLAPHOLZ ( - )
Birth Bochnia, Poland
Death Aug, 1942 Bochnia, Poland


Sex: Female
Father: Chaim Shlomo WEISSENBERG (1870-1940)
Mother: Tamar JASSY (1867-1942)
Birth May, 1903 Nowy Sacz, Poland
Death Dec, 1942 (age 39) Bochnia, Poland

Child 1: Abram KLAPHOLZ

Name: Abram KLAPHOLZ
Sex: Male
Death Dec, 1942 Bochnia, Poland

Child 2: Bertha KLAPHOLZ

Name: Bertha KLAPHOLZ
Sex: Female
Death Dec, 1942 Bochnia, Poland

Child 3: Henny KLAPHOLZ

Name: Henny KLAPHOLZ
Sex: Female
Birth 1926 Bochnia, Poland
Death Dec, 1942 (age 15-16) Bochnia, Poland

Note on Husband: Eliahu KLAPHOLZ

Pastry chef, caught and killed by Nazis Aug., 1942, Bochnia (see

Herschel's notes) In JRI Polish Business Directory for Nowy Sacz,

pages 440-1, there are entries for an L. and J. Klapholz,

Confectioners, and an E Klapholz, toy maker

Note on Wife: Sara WEISSENBERG

Lived in Berlin with family, went to Krakow (or Bochnia) to marry

Eliahu Klapholz, lived in Bochnia until her death Married her first

cousin, Eliahu Klapholz (only son by first wife of her uncle Herschel)

Had a facial tic