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Family of William "Bill" KRELITZ and Rosalin ELLIS

Husband: William "Bill" KRELITZ (c. 1886-1953)
Wife: Rosalin ELLIS (1907-1999)
Children: Judy KRELITZ

Husband: William "Bill" KRELITZ

Name: William "Bill" KRELITZ
Sex: Male
Father: Cecil KRELITZ (c. 1836-c. 1890)
Mother: Leah NAIVIDEL (c. 1850-1904)
Birth c. 1886
Death May 20, 1953 (age 66-67)

Wife: Rosalin ELLIS

Name: Rosalin ELLIS
Sex: Female
Father: Sam ELLIS (1879-1967)
Mother: Rae Rachel KRELITZ (1880-1949)
Birth Apr 5, 1907
Death Apr 14, 1999 (age 92)

Child 1: Judy KRELITZ

Name: Judy KRELITZ
Sex: Female