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Family of Seymour BENSMAN and Sandy Lee KENDALL

Husband: Seymour BENSMAN (1928-2005)
Wife: Sandy Lee KENDALL

Husband: Seymour BENSMAN

Name: Seymour BENSMAN
Sex: Male
Father: Louis BENSMAN (1901-1954)
Mother: Esther COHEN (1909-1997)
Birth Mar 31, 1928 Milwaukee, WI
Death Sep 19, 2005 (age 77) Milwaukee, WI

Wife: Sandy Lee KENDALL

Name: Sandy Lee KENDALL
Sex: Female
Father: Walter Franklin KENDALL ( - )
Mother: Marguerite V. RIAN (1914-2005)

Note on Husband: Seymour BENSMAN

Sy was a licensed funeral director for 56 years, being associated with

Schram-Bensman Funeral Home followed with his association with

Goodman-Bensman Funeral Home. In his retirement years, he was

associated with Star of David Funeral Service. He was a member of

NFDA, WFDA, Milwaukee County FDA and past president of Jewish Funeral

Directors of America. He was a 32nd Degree Mason, member of the

Milwaukee Jewish Federation and a WW II Army veteran.