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Family of Fernand M. HABER and Madelyn LUSKY

Husband: Fernand M. HABER (1894-1957)
Wife: Madelyn LUSKY ( - )
Children: Murray HABER

Husband: Fernand M. HABER

Name: Fernand M. HABER
Sex: Male
Father: Julius HABER (1867-1927)
Mother: Frances BISSINGER (1873-1928)
Birth Aug 12, 1894 Nashville, TN
Death Aug, 1957 (age 62-63) Nashville, TN

Wife: Madelyn LUSKY

Name: Madelyn LUSKY
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -

Child 1: Murray HABER

Name: Murray HABER
Sex: Male
Spouse: Shirley Ann BURKE