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Family of Ronald Joseph GRAHAM and Kathleen Ann DANIELS

Husband: Ronald Joseph GRAHAM (1942- )
Wife: Kathleen Ann DANIELS
Children: Christopher Charles GRAHAM (1975-1994)
Carissa Danielle GRAHAM

Husband: Ronald Joseph GRAHAM

Name: Ronald Joseph GRAHAM
Sex: Male
Father: William GRAHAM ( - )
Mother: Isabelle RODIQUE ( - )
Birth Sep 1, 1942 Bronx, New York, NY

Wife: Kathleen Ann DANIELS

Name: Kathleen Ann DANIELS
Sex: Female
Father: Everett Arthur DANIELS (1917-1977)
Mother: Dorothy Irene SCHULD (1917- )

Child 1: Christopher Charles GRAHAM

Name: Christopher Charles GRAHAM
Sex: Male
Birth Jul 17, 1975 Marlton, NJ
Death 1994 (age 18-19) Pennsylvania

Child 2: Carissa Danielle GRAHAM

Name: Carissa Danielle GRAHAM
Sex: Female