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Family of John Kenneth "Ken" BEAMISH and Lola BROOKE

Husband: John Kenneth "Ken" BEAMISH (1912-2007)
Wife: Lola BROOKE (1914-1966)
Children: John Randolph BEAMISH (1937-1970)
Thomas Arthur BEAMISH
Roger Alan BEAMISH
Marriage Aug 24, 1935 DeKalb, IL

Husband: John Kenneth "Ken" BEAMISH

Name: John Kenneth "Ken" BEAMISH
Sex: Male
Father: Leroy John BEAMISH (1875-1918)
Mother: Laura Mae TEWKSBURY ( -1951)
Birth May 28, 1912 Hampshire, IL
Death Nov 10, 2007 (age 95) Tucson, AZ

Wife: Lola BROOKE

Name: Lola BROOKE
Sex: Female
Father: Arthur G. BROOKE ( - )
Mother: Hazel ULRICH ( - )
Birth Jul 4, 1914 near DeKalb, IL
Death Jul 17, 1966 (age 52) Westchester, IL

Child 1: John Randolph BEAMISH

Name: John Randolph BEAMISH
Sex: Male
Spouse: Diane POLIT
Birth Oct 9, 1937 Maywood, IL
Death Dec 19, 1970 (age 33) Berwyn, IL

Child 2: Thomas Arthur BEAMISH

Name: Thomas Arthur BEAMISH
Sex: Male

Child 3: Roger Alan BEAMISH

Name: Roger Alan BEAMISH
Sex: Male
Spouse: Marilyn SWANSON

Note on Husband: John Kenneth "Ken" BEAMISH

Until retirement in 1972, Ken was a teacher & school administrator in

suburban Chicago.