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Family of Walter LEHMAN and Doris Zane KAPLAN

Husband: Walter LEHMAN ( - )
Wife: Doris Zane KAPLAN (1922-2005)
Children: Susan LEHMAN
Marriage Sep 23, 1956 Toledo, Lucas County, OH

Husband: Walter LEHMAN

Name: Walter LEHMAN
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -

Wife: Doris Zane KAPLAN

Name: Doris Zane KAPLAN
Sex: Female
Father: Samuel KAPLAN (1892-1974)
Mother: Ethel ZANVILLE (1896-1976)
Birth May 14, 1922 Toledo, Lucas County, OH
Death Jan 30, 2005 (age 82) New York, NY

Child 1: Susan LEHMAN

Name: Susan LEHMAN
Sex: Female
Spouse: Michael LUDWIG