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Family of Solomon ARONOW and Rebecca GRANET

Husband: Solomon ARONOW ( - )
Wife: Rebecca GRANET (1877-1970)
Children: Sara ARONOW (1912-1991)
Molly ARONOW (1914-1980)
Minnie Nancy ARONOW (1922-1972)
Marriage 1910

Husband: Solomon ARONOW

Name: Solomon ARONOW
Sex: Male
Father: Mendel ARONOW ( - )
Mother: Hya HINDA ( - )

Wife: Rebecca GRANET

Name: Rebecca GRANET
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 1877 Ukraine, Russia
Rebecca Granet was born as early as 1877 and as late as 1882. I
calculated this range based upon the her ages on her children's birth
certificates and information she told me. At her death in 1970, she
would have been 93 at the oldest and 88 at the youngest.
Additionally, she was born in the spring. She was as she told me, a
"Purim Baby." She was born in the Ukraine in a small village near
Odessa. They did not celebrate birthdays, they celebrated the naming
day i.e. the day on which the baby was named in the synagogue. For my
Grandmother, this was at Purim. Beth Aronoff Rosenthal
Death May, 1970 (age 92-93)

Child 1: Sara ARONOW

Name: Sara ARONOW
Sex: Female
Spouse: Joseph DANSKY
Birth Nov 24, 1912 Brooklyn, Kings, NY
Death Jan, 1991 (age 78) W. Palm Beach, FL

Child 2: Molly ARONOW

Name: Molly ARONOW
Sex: Female
Spouse: George ARONOFF (1907-1970)
Birth Dec 19, 1914 Brooklyn, Kings, NY
Death May 21, 1980 (age 65) Jackson, MI

Child 3: Bettie ARONOW

Name: Bettie ARONOW
Sex: Female
Spouse: Allan CAROLINE ( -1981)

Child 4: Minnie Nancy ARONOW

Name: Minnie Nancy ARONOW
Sex: Female
Spouse: Albert Bernard SILVER (1917-1978)
Birth Jun 29, 1922 Michigan
Death May 23, 1972 (age 49)