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Family of Ronald Jerome SHIKOWITZ and Sheila Marilyn DANSKY

Husband: Ronald Jerome SHIKOWITZ ( - )
Wife: Sheila Marilyn DANSKY
Children: Keith Scott SHIKOWITZ
Rochelle Joi SHIKOWITZ

Husband: Ronald Jerome SHIKOWITZ

Name: Ronald Jerome SHIKOWITZ
Sex: Male
Father: Abraham SHIKOWITZ ( -1972)
Mother: Tillie KINDOR ( -1993)
Burial Long Island, NY

Wife: Sheila Marilyn DANSKY

Name: Sheila Marilyn DANSKY
Sex: Female
Father: Joseph DANSKY
Mother: Sara ARONOW (1912-1991)

Child 1: Keith Scott SHIKOWITZ

Name: Keith Scott SHIKOWITZ
Sex: Male
Spouse 1: Stephanie
Spouse 2: Corine

Child 2: Rochelle Joi SHIKOWITZ

Name: Rochelle Joi SHIKOWITZ
Sex: Female
Spouse: Dwayne KELLEY