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Family of Michael Horace HABER and Patricia "Pat" BERNARD

Husband: Michael Horace HABER (1944-1989)
Wife: Patricia "Pat" BERNARD
Children: Matthew Horace HABER
Jason Bernard HABER

Husband: Michael Horace HABER

Name: Michael Horace HABER
Sex: Male
Father: Horace Julius HABER (1907-1971)
Mother: Lillian Rose MICHELSON (1909-2000)
Birth Oct 11, 1944 Clarksville, TN
Death Aug 11, 1989 (age 44) Ann Arbor, MI
Burial Detroit, Wayne County, MI

Wife: Patricia "Pat" BERNARD

Name: Patricia "Pat" BERNARD
Sex: Female
Father: Frank BERNARD ( - )
Mother: Lillian STURNMAN ( - )

Child 1: Matthew Horace HABER

Name: Matthew Horace HABER
Sex: Male
Spouse: Rachel MITCHELL

Child 2: Jason Bernard HABER

Name: Jason Bernard HABER
Sex: Male
Spouse: Lindsey FRIMAN