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Family of Leon Schaeffer AARON and Etta ROSEN

Husband: Leon Schaeffer AARON (1904-1980)
Wife: Etta ROSEN (1910-1982)
Children: Marjorie Ann AARON
Sharla AARON
Stuart AARON

Husband: Leon Schaeffer AARON

Name: Leon Schaeffer AARON
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth May 26, 1904
Death Apr, 1980 (age 75) Dallas, TX

Wife: Etta ROSEN

Name: Etta ROSEN
Sex: Female
Father: Morris ROSEN (1867-1942)
Mother: Katie TOMBAC ( - )
Birth Dec 20, 1910 Beaumont, TX
Death Dec, 1982 (age 71-72) Dallas, TX

Child 1: Marjorie Ann AARON

Name: Marjorie Ann AARON
Sex: Female
Spouse: Harol "Cookie" KOMESKI

Child 2: Sharla AARON

Name: Sharla AARON
Sex: Female
Spouse: Henry WERTHEIMER ( - )

Child 3: Stuart AARON

Name: Stuart AARON
Sex: Male
Spouse: Barbara ( - )