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Family of Fred DUNSKY and Charlotte TRACKMAN

Husband: Fred DUNSKY (1922-2002)
Wife: Charlotte TRACKMAN (1926-2007)
Children: Marda DUNSKY
Marriage 1959 Chicago, Cook Co, IL

Husband: Fred DUNSKY

Name: Fred DUNSKY
Sex: Male
Father: Louis DUNSKY ( - )
Mother: Miriam HOFFMAN ( - )
Birth Jan 2, 1922 Chicago, Cook Co, IL
Death Dec 7, 2002 (age 80) Chicago, Cook Co, IL

Wife: Charlotte TRACKMAN

Name: Charlotte TRACKMAN
Sex: Female
Father: Max TRACKMAN (1883-1944)
Mother: Elizabeth BENSMAN (1899-1986)
Birth 1926
Death Sep 20, 2007 (age 80-81) Chicago, Cook Co, IL

Child 1: Marda DUNSKY

Name: Marda DUNSKY
Sex: Female

Child 2: Cory DUNSKY

Name: Cory DUNSKY
Sex: Male