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Family of Carl Anson SUTTER and Grace Mary THOMPSON

Husband: Carl Anson SUTTER (1931-2008)
Wife: Grace Mary THOMPSON
Children: Deborah Ann SUTTER
Steven Allen SUTTER
Tina Louise SUTTER
Chrissandra "Chrissie" SUTTER
Angela Mary "Angie" SUTTER
Melissa Jeanne SUTTER

Husband: Carl Anson SUTTER

Name: Carl Anson SUTTER
Sex: Male
Father: Carl Anson SUTTER (1896- )
Mother: Martha Alice PARKHURST (1898-1972)
Birth May 9, 1931 Cornville, ME
Title Jr.
Death Feb 13, 2008 (age 76)

Wife: Grace Mary THOMPSON

Name: Grace Mary THOMPSON
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -

Child 1: Deborah Ann SUTTER

Name: Deborah Ann SUTTER
Sex: Female

Child 2: Steven Allen SUTTER

Name: Steven Allen SUTTER
Sex: Male
Spouse 2: Rosa SANDOVAL

Child 3: Tina Louise SUTTER

Name: Tina Louise SUTTER
Sex: Female
Spouse 1: LOPEZ
Spouse 2: Robert Earl COX

Child 4: Chrissandra "Chrissie" SUTTER

Name: Chrissandra "Chrissie" SUTTER
Sex: Female
Spouse: John PROPACH

Child 5: Angela Mary "Angie" SUTTER

Name: Angela Mary "Angie" SUTTER
Sex: Female

Child 6: Melissa Jeanne SUTTER

Name: Melissa Jeanne SUTTER
Sex: Female
Spouse: Antony AMATO