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Family of Gerald Leon GREENE and Rose Ellen MEYERHOFF

Husband: Gerald Leon GREENE (1936-2014)
Wife: Rose Ellen MEYERHOFF
Children: Samantha GREENE
Vanessa GREENE

Husband: Gerald Leon GREENE

Name: Gerald Leon GREENE
Sex: Male
Father: GREENE ( - )
Mother: -
Birth 1936 Brooklyn, New York, NY
Death Aug 3, 2014 (age 77-78)

Wife: Rose Ellen MEYERHOFF

Name: Rose Ellen MEYERHOFF
Sex: Female
Father: Robert E. MEYERHOFF
Mother: Jane BERNSTEIN (1924-2004)

Child 1: Samantha GREENE

Name: Samantha GREENE
Sex: Female
Spouse: Nils Per BROUS

Child 2: Vanessa GREENE

Name: Vanessa GREENE
Sex: Female
Spouse: Robb David STEINBERG

Note on Husband: Gerald Leon GREENE

Gerald Greene was born in New York City, a proud "Brooklyn boy," but

followed his sister Sharon Goldberg and her husband to Miami in 1955.

He ran for, and won, a Democratic committee position in 1967.

Gerald went on to a career as a manager at brokerage firms Bache &

Co., Herzfeld & Stern and Purcell, Graham & Co. in Miami Beach and Bay

Harbor Islands, and would mentor younger brokers through the years.

In the Bicentennial year, Greene was elected as a delegate pledged to

Jimmy Carter at the 1976 Democratic National Convention in New York

City. "He was very involved in that campaign," his wife said. He was

very proud to be a liberal and was always fighting the windmill, so to

speak. I donʼt know why, perhaps it was from his family while growing

up in Brooklyn. His father was active in union politics. Perhaps that.

But he was always very sensitive to the underdog.

Greene loved tending to his orchid collection.

He was just the sweetest, most gentle person. He had a wonderful

quality of being loving, non-judgmental.