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Family of Melvin HARRIS and Shirley CARL

Husband: Melvin HARRIS (1925-1995)
Wife: Shirley CARL
Children: Leonard HARRIS
Steven HARRIS (1959-1984)
Cynthia HARRIS

Husband: Melvin HARRIS

Name: Melvin HARRIS
Sex: Male
Father: Issadore Loter "Izzie" HARRIS (1891-1953)
Mother: Anna Julia WINEMAN (1894-1984)
Birth Aug 9, 1925 Toledo, Lucas County, OH
Death 1995 (age 69-70) Portland, OR

Wife: Shirley CARL

Name: Shirley CARL
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -

Child 1: Leonard HARRIS

Name: Leonard HARRIS
Sex: Male
Spouse: Sandra

Child 2: Steven HARRIS

Name: Steven HARRIS
Sex: Male
Birth 1959 Portland, OR
Death Mar, 1984 (age 24-25) Portland, OR

Child 3: Craig HARRIS

Name: Craig HARRIS
Sex: Male
Spouse: Evelyn

Child 4: Cynthia HARRIS

Name: Cynthia HARRIS
Sex: Female
Spouse: Sven MELBO