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Family of Fred ADLER and Carolyn KRAUSS

Husband: Fred ADLER (1944- )
Wife: Carolyn KRAUSS
Children: Clay Krauss ADLER
Jennifer Leigh ADLER

Husband: Fred ADLER

Name: Fred ADLER
Sex: Male
Father: Sidney ADLER ( - )
Mother: Claire BERNSTEIN ( - )
Birth Mar 24, 1944 Cleveland, OH

Wife: Carolyn KRAUSS

Name: Carolyn KRAUSS
Sex: Female
Father: Morris David KRAUSS (1911-1991)
Mother: Janet Ida DAVIS (1914-2009)

Child 1: Clay Krauss ADLER

Name: Clay Krauss ADLER
Sex: Male
Spouse: Jessica Seang Hoang EAR

Child 2: Terra ADLER

Name: Terra ADLER
Sex: Female

Child 3: Jennifer Leigh ADLER

Name: Jennifer Leigh ADLER
Sex: Female