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Family of Walter Stanley JONES and Julienne Kay WILEY

Husband: Walter Stanley JONES (1912-1975)
Wife: Julienne Kay WILEY
Children: Carolyn JONES

Husband: Walter Stanley JONES

Name: Walter Stanley JONES
Sex: Male
Father: Mertle Grant JONES (1885-1939)
Mother: Nellie Evaline BOWER (1877-1963)
Birth Jun 3, 1912 Vancouver, WA
Death May 27, 1975 (age 62) Santa Fe, NM

Wife: Julienne Kay WILEY

Name: Julienne Kay WILEY
Sex: Female
Father: Ralph Donald WILEY (1882- )
Mother: Gwenillian Ann JONES (1900- )

Child 1: Carolyn JONES

Name: Carolyn JONES
Sex: Female
Spouse 1: James HUBER
Spouse 2: John FORRESTER
Spouse 3: Jose DETORRES