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Family of Daniel R. KRAMER and Phyllis B. CUTLER

Husband: Daniel R. KRAMER
Wife: Phyllis B. CUTLER (1956-2009)
Children: Jack L. KRAMER

Husband: Daniel R. KRAMER

Name: Daniel R. KRAMER
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -

Wife: Phyllis B. CUTLER

Name: Phyllis B. CUTLER
Sex: Female
Father: Eli CUTLER (1926-2008)
Mother: Emily BREUER (1923-1975)
Birth Aug 21, 1956
Death Sep 5, 2009 (age 53) Huntington Woods, MI

Child 1: Jack L. KRAMER

Name: Jack L. KRAMER
Sex: Male
Spouse: Anna TAYLOR

Child 2: Emily R. KRAMER

Name: Emily R. KRAMER
Sex: Female