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Family of Herbert Charles WHITTA and Helen Ernestine BERNARD

Husband: Herbert Charles WHITTA (1894-1983)
Wife: Helen Ernestine BERNARD (1898-1948)
Children: James Charles WHITTA ( - )
Robert Bernard WHITTA
Marriage Fostoria, Seneca Co., OH

Husband: Herbert Charles WHITTA

Name: Herbert Charles WHITTA
Sex: Male
Father: Herbert William WHITTA (1860-1944)
Mother: Ada Elizabeth PARROTT (1860-1958)
Birth Dec 18, 1894 Fostoria, Hancock Co., OH
Death Jun 10, 1983 (age 88) Port Charlotte, Charlotte Co., FL

Wife: Helen Ernestine BERNARD

Name: Helen Ernestine BERNARD
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 1898 Risingsun, Wood Co., OH
Death 1948 (age 49-50) Fostoria, Hancock Co., OH

Child 1: James Charles WHITTA

Name: James Charles WHITTA
Sex: Male
Spouse: Ruth Ann HATTENDORF ( - )

Child 2: Robert Bernard WHITTA

Name: Robert Bernard WHITTA
Sex: Male
Spouse: Barbara Ann STATLER

Note on Husband: Herbert Charles WHITTA

Second-generation federal grain inspector and first American-born

child of English immigrants. He attended elementary school at Holmes

School on W. Center St. in Fostoria - this building is now the Knights

of Columbus Hall. He suffered from emphasema in his later years,

spending part of each year in Port Charlotte, Florida.

Note on Wife: Helen Ernestine BERNARD

Little is spoken of Helen, as she was the first wife of H.C. Whitta.

I do know that she died of cancer at the age of 50 - her youngest

child was only 12 years old at the time.

H.C.Whitta joined the Roman Catholic Church so that he could

marry Helen and that is the only reason that some of the American

Whitta decendants are not still members of the Episcopal Church.