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Family of Johnnes HETER and Salome FIES

Husband: Johnnes HETER (1794-1881)
Wife: Salome FIES (1794-1864)
Children: William HETER (1816-1891)
George HETER ( - )
Marriage Oct 15, 1814 Union County, PA

Husband: Johnnes HETER

Name: Johnnes HETER
Sex: Male
Father: Johnnes HEITER (c. 1771-1826)
Mother: Maria Eva ROTH (1772-1839)
Birth Jan 3, 1794 Berks County, PA
Death Oct 26, 1881 (age 87) Bellevue Sandusky, OH

Wife: Salome FIES

Name: Salome FIES
Sex: Female
Father: Peter FIES (c. 1755-bef1820)
Mother: Anna Maria Barbara REICHELDERFER (1759-bef1820)
Birth Nov, 1794 Berks County, PA
Death Feb 8, 1864 (age 69) Bellevue Sandusky, OH

Child 1: William HETER

Name: William HETER
Sex: Male
Spouse: Elizabeth DECKER (1818-1899)
Birth Dec 9, 1816 Union County, PA
Death Feb 11, 1891 (age 74) Rulo, NB

Child 2: George HETER

Name: George HETER
Sex: Male