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Family of Samuel SNIDER and Sarah Ann LONAS

Husband: Samuel SNIDER ( -c. 1848)
Wife: Sarah Ann LONAS (1812-1899)
Children: Delilah Ann SNIDER (1846-1925)
Marriage Jun 17, 1830 Fairfield County, OH

Husband: Samuel SNIDER

Name: Samuel SNIDER
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Death c. Mar 25, 1848 Allen County, OH

Wife: Sarah Ann LONAS

Name: Sarah Ann LONAS
Sex: Female
Father: Jacob Newton LONAS (c. 1780-1863)
Mother: Elizabeth DRUM (c. 1782-1853)
Birth Aug 15, 1812 Fairfield Richland Rushville, OH
Death Jul 18, 1899 (age 86) Jackson Township, Allen County, OH

Child 1: Delilah Ann SNIDER

Name: Delilah Ann SNIDER
Sex: Female
Spouse: John William LEFFLER (1849-1928)
Birth Jul 22, 1846 Perry, Fairfield County, OH
Death Dec 24, 1925 (age 79) Lima, OH