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Family of Marvin GOLIEB and Muriel EPSTEIN

Husband: Marvin GOLIEB
Wife: Muriel EPSTEIN
Children: Wayne Lawrence GOLIEB (1952-1969)
Robert Howard GOLIEB
Steven Gary GOLIEB

Husband: Marvin GOLIEB

Name: Marvin GOLIEB
Sex: Male
Father: Hyman "Herman" GOLIEB (1895-1955)
Mother: Yetta LAZANSKY (1902-1983)

Wife: Muriel EPSTEIN

Name: Muriel EPSTEIN
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -

Child 1: Wayne Lawrence GOLIEB

Name: Wayne Lawrence GOLIEB
Sex: Male
Birth Dec 25, 1952 New York, NY
Death Aug 11, 1969 (age 16) New York, NY

Child 2: Robert Howard GOLIEB

Name: Robert Howard GOLIEB
Sex: Male
Spouse: Nicolette PIZZUTTI

Child 3: Steven Gary GOLIEB

Name: Steven Gary GOLIEB
Sex: Male