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Family of Joseph Frederick CHASIN and Anna SMILACK

Husband: Joseph Frederick CHASIN (1885-1943)
Wife: Anna SMILACK (1890-1974)
Children: Morris Samuel CHASIN (1913-1945)
Ben Jack CHASIN (1914-2001)
Goldye Bernice CHASIN (1921-2008)
Mitzi CHASIN (1926-2005)
Shirley CHASIN (1926-1990)
Marriage Apr, 1912 Russia

Husband: Joseph Frederick CHASIN

Name: Joseph Frederick CHASIN
Sex: Male
Father: Morris CHASIN ( - )
Mother: Goldye BRINA ( -bef1911)
Birth 1885
Death 1943 (age 57-58)

Wife: Anna SMILACK

Name: Anna SMILACK
Sex: Female
Father: Simon SMILACK (1862-1924)
Mother: Zellota TEMEN (1866-1934)
Birth Sep 27, 1890 Russia
Death Jan 29, 1974 (age 83) Ohio

Child 1: Morris Samuel CHASIN

Name: Morris Samuel CHASIN
Sex: Male
Spouse: Esther ZIMMERMAN ( - )
Birth 1913 New York, NY
Death Apr, 1945 (age 31-32)
Morris served in the US Army Infantry during WWII. He was killed in
action in the Battlle of the Bulge in April 1945 as the war was coming
to and end in the Eurpopean Theatre. He was buried in a US military
cemetary in Luxemborg.

Child 2: Ben Jack CHASIN

Name: Ben Jack CHASIN
Sex: Male
Spouse: Mollie KORMAN (1908-1994)
Birth Nov 13, 1914 Toledo, Lucas County, OH
Death Aug 2, 2001 (age 86) Miami Beach, FL
Burial Aug 6, 2001 Toledo, Lucas County, OH

Child 3: Goldye Bernice CHASIN

Name: Goldye Bernice CHASIN
Sex: Female
Spouse: Benjamin Eli MELTZER (1920-2001)
Birth Jan 26, 1921 Toledo, Lucas County, OH
Death Aug 22, 2008 (age 87) Syracuse, NY
Burial Syracuse, NY

Child 4: Mitzi CHASIN

Name: Mitzi CHASIN
Sex: Female
Spouse: Allen RENERT
Birth Feb 15, 1926 Toledo, Lucas County, OH
Death Jan 19, 2005 (age 78) Royal Palm Beach, FL
Burial Jan 23, 2005 Syracuse, NY

Child 5: Shirley CHASIN

Name: Shirley CHASIN
Sex: Female
Spouse: Jay GLASSMAN (1919-2009)
Birth Feb 15, 1926 Toledo, Lucas County, OH
Death May 4, 1990 (age 64) Toledo, Lucas County, OH