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Family of Marvin BENSMAN and Andree CARRIERE

Husband: Marvin BENSMAN (1918-2010)
Wife: Andree CARRIERE
Children: Ross Lawrence BENSMAN
Jeff Randall BENSMAN

Husband: Marvin BENSMAN

Name: Marvin BENSMAN
Sex: Male
Father: Mendel Jacob "Max" BENSMAN (1889-1973)
Mother: Beatrice CHASIN (1896-1967)
Birth Jan 17, 1918 Sheboygan, WI
resided 1921 (age 2-3) Milwaukee, WI
Death Jan 21, 2010 (age 92)

Wife: Andree CARRIERE

Name: Andree CARRIERE
Sex: Female
Father: CARRIERE ( -1956)
Mother: mom ( -1949)

Child 1: Ross Lawrence BENSMAN

Name: Ross Lawrence BENSMAN
Sex: Male
Spouse: Kathleen CRONIN

Child 2: Jeff Randall BENSMAN

Name: Jeff Randall BENSMAN
Sex: Male
Spouse: Diane BLASEWITZ