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Family of Jack BYK and Kitty BRODI

Husband: Jack BYK (1926-1986)
Wife: Kitty BRODI
Children: Kimberly A. BYK
Jordon S. BYK

Husband: Jack BYK

Name: Jack BYK
Sex: Male
Father: Simon BYK ( - )
Mother: Ruza LABINER (1891-1973)
Birth Feb 24, 1926
Death May 3, 1986 (age 60)

Wife: Kitty BRODI

Name: Kitty BRODI
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -

Child 1: Kimberly A. BYK

Name: Kimberly A. BYK
Sex: Female
Spouse: David S. WOOD

Child 2: Jordon S. BYK

Name: Jordon S. BYK
Sex: Male
Spouse: Cecile