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Family of Irving Lewis COHN and Joan Louise LOEWY

Husband: Irving Lewis COHN (1905-1991)
Wife: Joan Louise LOEWY (1908-2002)
Children: Gerald "Gerry" Stanley COHN
William Loewy COHN
Marriage Aug 1, 1930 Chicago, Cook Co, IL

Husband: Irving Lewis COHN

Name: Irving Lewis COHN
Sex: Male
Father: Jessel COHN (1871-1960)
Mother: Harriet "Hattie" HOOTKINS (1879-1957)
Birth May 28, 1905 Chicago, Cook Co, IL
Death Nov 26, 1991 (age 86) San Antonio, TX

Wife: Joan Louise LOEWY

Name: Joan Louise LOEWY
Sex: Female
Father: William LOEWY (1872-c. 1937)
Mother: Bertha EPPSTEIN (1873-c. 1941)
Birth Feb 25, 1908 Chicago, Cook Co, IL
Death Nov 13, 2002 (age 94) San Antonio, TX

Child 1: Gerald "Gerry" Stanley COHN

Name: Gerald "Gerry" Stanley COHN
Sex: Male
Spouse 1: Marilyn LABINER
Spouse 2: Patricia "Pat" Louise Scheck MCDONALD

Child 2: William Loewy COHN

Name: William Loewy COHN
Sex: Male
Spouse: Hilaree Anne "Anne" LEVINE

Note on Wife: Joan Louise LOEWY

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