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Family of Stephen Robinson LIBBY and Lydia Plummer ROBERTS

Husband: Stephen Robinson LIBBY (1828- )
Wife: Lydia Plummer ROBERTS (1837-1928)
Children: Mary Addie LIBBY (1862- )
Howard Xanthus LIBBY (1865-1883)
Helen Maria LIBBY (1868-1869)
Mildred Anna LIBBY (1871- )
John Herschel LIBBY (1876- )
Verna Adell LIBBY (1882-1957)
Marriage Apr 14, 1861 Morrison, Whiteside Co, IL

Husband: Stephen Robinson LIBBY

Name: Stephen Robinson LIBBY
Sex: Male
Father: John LIBBY (1795-1858)
Mother: Mercy Anne "Mary" ROBINSON (1797-1871)
Birth Dec 14, 1828 Gardiner, ME

Wife: Lydia Plummer ROBERTS

Name: Lydia Plummer ROBERTS
Sex: Female
Father: Joseph ROBERTS (1802-1879)
Mother: Elizabeth "Betsy" ROBINSON (1804-1872)
Birth Sep 30, 1837 Manchester, Dearborn Co, IN
Death Jun, 1928 (age 90) SD

Child 1: Mary Addie LIBBY

Name: Mary Addie LIBBY
Sex: Female
Spouse: WILLIAMS ( - )
Birth Jun 6, 1862 Morrison, Whiteside Co, IL

Child 2: Howard Xanthus LIBBY

Name: Howard Xanthus LIBBY
Sex: Male
Birth Nov 7, 1865 Morrison, Whiteside Co, IL
Death Apr, 1883 (age 17) Clark, SD

Child 3: Helen Maria LIBBY

Name: Helen Maria LIBBY
Sex: Female
Birth Mar 15, 1868 Morrison, Whiteside Co, IL
Death Nov 30, 1869 (age 1) Morrison, Whiteside Co, IL

Child 4: Mildred Anna LIBBY

Name: Mildred Anna LIBBY
Sex: Female
Birth Jun 26, 1871 Morrison, Whiteside Co, IL

Child 5: John Herschel LIBBY

Name: John Herschel LIBBY
Sex: Male
Birth Aug 13, 1876 Morrison, Whiteside Co, IL

Child 6: Verna Adell LIBBY

Name: Verna Adell LIBBY
Sex: Female
Spouse: John Erik DAHLSTROM (1881-1916)
Birth Feb 6, 1882 Delhi, IL
Death 1957 (age 74-75) Ontario, CA