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Family of Reuben C. CLEVELAND and Lydia CROSBY

Husband: Reuben C. CLEVELAND (1830-1918)
Wife: Lydia CROSBY (1835-1913)
Children: Carrie Evalina CLEVELAND (1873-1962)

Husband: Reuben C. CLEVELAND

Name: Reuben C. CLEVELAND
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth Jul, 1830 Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada
Death May 27, 1918 (age 87) Oakland, CA

Wife: Lydia CROSBY

Name: Lydia CROSBY
Sex: Female
Father: Samuel CROSBY (1811-1883)
Mother: Phebe KINNEY (1815-1883)
Birth Sep 21, 1835 Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada
Death Nov 5, 1913 (age 78) Oakland, CA

Child 1: Carrie Evalina CLEVELAND

Name: Carrie Evalina CLEVELAND
Sex: Female
Birth Oct 1, 1873 Arcadia, Nova Scotia, Canada
Death Jun 9, 1962 (age 88) San Francisco, CA