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Family of Robert JESMER and Fran GREENSPAN (Kapp)

Husband: Robert JESMER (1931-2011)
Wife: Fran GREENSPAN (Kapp)
Children: David Jesmer JESMER
Louisa "Channah" JESMER

Husband: Robert JESMER

Name: Robert JESMER
Sex: Male
Father: Julius JESMER (1902-1979)
Mother: Mary MARKIN ( - )
Birth Jul 29, 1931 Chicago, Cook Co, IL
Death Jun 22, 2011 (age 79) Israel

Wife: Fran GREENSPAN (Kapp)

Name: Fran GREENSPAN (Kapp)
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -

Child 1: David Jesmer JESMER

Name: David Jesmer JESMER
Sex: Male

Child 2: Louisa "Channah" JESMER

Name: Louisa "Channah" JESMER
Sex: Female
Spouse: Stacey ANDERSON