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Family of Nicholas STICKEL and Anna Margretha DRUMM

Husband: Nicholas STICKEL (1703-1790)
Wife: Anna Margretha DRUMM ( -bef1780)
Children: Susannah STICKEL (1730- )
Margaret STICKEL (c. 1739- )
Johannes STICKEL (1743-1816)
Marriage Oct 2, 1725 Dutchess county, NY

Husband: Nicholas STICKEL

Name: Nicholas STICKEL
Sex: Male
Father: Benedik STOCKELIN (c. 1670- )
Mother: Anna Maria ( - )
Birth 1703 Amsterdam, Holland
Death Feb 10, 1790 (age 86-87) Rhinebeck, NY

Wife: Anna Margretha DRUMM

Name: Anna Margretha DRUMM
Sex: Female
Father: Johann Andreas DRUMM (c. 1670-aft1738)
Mother: Maria Magdelene SCHOOP ( - )
Birth "22 FEB 1703/1704" Zweibruken, Germany
Death bef Nov, 1780 Rhinebeck, NY

Child 1: Susannah STICKEL

Name: Susannah STICKEL
Sex: Female
Spouse: Johannes KRUISSLAAR ( - )
Birth Apr 5, 1730 Rhinebeck, NY

Child 2: Margaret STICKEL

Name: Margaret STICKEL
Sex: Female
Birth c. 1739

Child 3: Johannes STICKEL

Name: Johannes STICKEL
Sex: Male
Spouse: Elizabeth BEAM (1746-1827)
Birth Nov 13, 1743 Rhinebeck, NY
Death Oct 3, 1816 (age 72) Red Hook, NY

Note on Husband: Nicholas STICKEL

Notes: According to research done by Carrie L. Lartigue, Nicholas

Stickel arrived in America about 1680. He was Dutch and came from

Amsterdam, where they were in the shipping business. The original

spelling of the name was Van STickel which indicated they belonged to

Nobility. They acquired large tracts of land in the vicinity of Pine

Plains, some 20 miles East of the Hudson in Dutchess County, NY.

Later they moved to Rhinebeck Precinct and owned some 1000 acres